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An Unsolicited Theme Song For Neil deGrasse Tyson

Well, why SHOULDN’T Neil deGrasse Tyson have a theme song? It’s been out for a month, but it kinda got lost in the Comic-Con shuffle here and it just this weekend went up on YouTube and got a shout from Topless Robot, so let’s see how The Phenomenauts have taken it upon themselves to make a theme for everyone’s favorite astrophysicist/TV-and-radio-personality/all-around awesome guy, including clips of the host of the Nerdist Channel’s upcoming Star Talk being his usual brilliant self. The lyrics aren’t terribly difficult to grasp (okay, it’s his name and “I’m with Neil!” over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over), but it’s the thought that counts.

Welcome to today’s earworm.

HT: Topless Robot, Wired


  1. Rachel says:

    Yes! I love these guys. It is only proper that they made a tribute to one of the greats.