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An Outtake From “Arrested Development”: Where There’s Smoke…

arresteddevouttake042513Well, I was gonna wait until I could embed the clip released by Netflix through Entertainment Weekly from the new episodes of Arrested Development, but it’s remaining resolutely and stubbornly exclusive to EW and not embeddable anywhere else, so you’ll have to click here and go to to see Buster and Lucille in what’s described as an outtake from which a snippet will appear in the show.

arresteddevouttakelogo042513What’s in it? Let’s just say that in the process of Buster helping Lucille smoke in a non-smoking apartment building (her ankle monitor prevents her from going out to the balcony), they bring the mother-son relationship to new levels of creepiness. You’d expect nothing less.

May 26th can’t come fast enough.


  1. Bob loblaw says:

    They’ll edit it. Just use a snippet of it.

  2. boB says:

    Funny, but they dragged that joke out too long, which IMO is uncharacteristic of the rapid-fire delivery that is Arrested Development.