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An Exclusive Preview from the “Chris Hardwick: Mandroid” DVD


As we’ve mentioned, the DVD and CD versions of Chris Hardwick: Mandroid, the Man Himself’s Comedy Central special with more material, unexpurgated and with bonus stuff like a couple of Hard ‘n’ Phirm videos, will be released Tuesday (January 22nd), and you can preorder the DVD and/or the CD right now. To whet your appetite, here’s a special exclusive clip from Comedy Central and the Nerdist Channel in which Chris analyzes a world in which young folks wear Atari t-shirts. Watch, laugh, then preorder the DVD and/or the CD. Because you can and you should.

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  1. Wildride says:

    Mandroid will be airing this Saturday (the 26th) on The Comedy Network in Canada at 9pm.

  2. LYT says:

    I was thinking Kyle Anderson…

  3. Donklin says:

    Is this the story of how Chris met Kyle Clark?