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An Awkward Justice League Thanksgiving

(Warning: The video above has some salty-NSFW language.)
We know the holidays can be tough. With all of the family in-fighting, mounds of food that can sometimes be unidentifiable, and dealing with people you just don’t want to be around for the rest of the year. Now imagine that scenario in the super hero community. What if Martian Manhunter was your stoner cousin who can’t stop telling you how great weed is? Or what if Wonder Woman had to drink to cope with being on her own in a sea of men who have hit the eggnog a little too hard? And what if the host went mental and just happened to be Superman? This is what happens when super heroes stop being polite, and start getting real. The Nerdist Channel presents An Awkward Justice League Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from Nerdist Industries!