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An 8-Bit Version Of THE BIG LEBOWSKI

An 8-Bit Version Of THE BIG LEBOWSKI

Time to roll up the rugs and fix yourself a White Russian – thanks to Cinefix, we’re going bowling with The Big Lebowski in glorious, full-color 8-bit.

Don’t even think about putting your quarter on the machine to claim your turn, cause I’m playing The Dude until the last pin falls.

What other films do you think are just SCREAMING for 8-bit treatment? Let us know in the comments below….


  1. David says:

    Why are these 8-bit parodies always made by people who haven’t played an 8-bit game in 30 years?

  2. Shawn says:

    You don’t actually see the Dude bowl a frame in the movie!

  3. Blake says:

    My favorite part is that The 8-bit Dude bowls more in the game than The Dude in the movie.