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AMC-Nerdist Relationship Puts Bonus “Talking Dead” Footage On Nerdist Channel, Bowling Show In Development For TV

Hey, what’s this? A press release? Okay, let’s see what it says:

amcnerdistrelationship2013POSTLOS ANGELES, CA – February 19, 2013 – Nerdist Industries and AMC announced a cross-platform relationship today for the Nerdist YouTube channel to show bonus footage from AMC’s Talking Dead, the live The Walking Dead after show hosted by Chris Hardwick. The extended conversations and couch talk extras will also be available on

Okay, we’ve seen the first fruit from that with last week’s bonus segment. We’ll be getting more. That’s a very good thing. But there’s more:

AMC has also signed a development deal with Nerdist to take their most successful YouTube program, All Star Celebrity Bowling, and develop it for potential series for the network.

HOLY…. I mean, that’s nice. And… yes, this is exciting news. There haven’t been a lot of web series-to-television crossovers, and it’s quite the thing for All Star Celebrity Bowling to go into development at AMC. It’s at an early stage, but just getting a development deal is a huge step. The potential is big.

While we digest that good news, here’s more from the press release:

talkingdeadlogo2013Hardwick enthusastically comments, “It has always been one of our main goals with Nerdist to grow content in the digital garden of the Internet which we could then evolve onto other platforms. AMC has been incredibly forward-thinking with us through this process. In addition to allowing us to distribute bonus segments of Talking Dead on the Nerdist YouTube Channel, we are excited to work with them to potentially bring All Star Bowling to television. PLATFORMS UNITE!”

Meanwhile, AMC’s EVP of Original Programming & Production & Digital Content Joel Stillerman echoes his excitement saying, “Nerdist has built a great following by producing incredibly smart, compelling, and entertaining content. This is a great way for us to expand our relationship with Chris and Nerdist, and we love the multi-platform synergy on a project like this.”

allstarceleblogo2013Malik Ducard, Director of Entertainment Content Partnerships at YouTube stated, “Nerdist is the latest in a line of YouTube creators harnessing the combined attributes of TV and the Web to build scaled, engaged audiences.”

The All Star Bowling development project is being produced by Nerdist Industries and High Noon Entertainment, with Nerdist Industries’ Chris Hardwick and Peter Levin, as well as Jim Berger, serving as Executive Producers.

What they said.