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AMC Bets On SModCo, Ramps Up THE WALKING DEAD Spin-off

AMC Bets On SModCo, Ramps Up THE WALKING DEAD Spin-off

Following great success from various projects on the network, AMC made a bold move today and announced plans to not only renew the popular reality series Comic Book Men from Kevin Smith for another season, but also green-light a pilot for a potential new weekly late night series starring Smith and his Hollywood Babble-On co-host and KROQ Los Angeles Kevin and Bean sidekick Ralph Garman. Considering the two will host together, it’s no surprise the series, for the moment, is being dubbed Hollywood Babble-On at this stage of development. In addition, a docuseries related to Comic Book Men is being put into development and will focus on frequent series guest Robert Bruce. But the Kevin Smith news is not all the network has planned.

While news on the announced Walking Dead “companion series” has been slim, today the network revealed Sons of Anarchy co-executive producer Dave Erickson is going to be joining with Robert Kirkman to pen the new zombie drama and will executive produce should it go to series. This announcement comes days before the finale of the current season of The Walking Dead and right off the heels of MyNetworkTV nabbing exclusive syndication rights for the show starting this fall.

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  • I LOVE The Walking Dead & a spinoff could be Great! But, to add to Kevin Smith’s already Swelled Head by giving him another show is just horrible! Comic book Men is quite possibly the biggest piece of Garbage TV show on AMC right now! It’s like Pawn Stars for Nerds! It doesn’t give a honest view of what happens in 99.99% of all the Comic book shops in America! I don’t watch out of Protest! The show is Simply Bad! So let’s reward Sucking by giving him another show!
    AMC, just Stop. Stop it now before you turn into MTV, that plays only reality TV. Yet another show I won’t be watching!!

  • I thought a series had to air 100 episodes to get into syndication… while I don’t doubt that Walking Dead will get there… it just seems a little odd to be mentioning that right now.

    As for the spin-off….Anywhere would be good… a foreign version would be good. a UK version would be cool….wouldn’t have to really do subtitles then….

  • I love Comic book men simply because its great connection to Kevin Smith and all of his friends. It’s another window into his world. If the scenarios that play out aren’t always the most likely thing to happen, I could care less. It’s a TV show, and I enjoy it at length. It is like Pawn Stars for Geeks, which is one of the greatest things about it.

  • Ken, if you don’t like the show then don’t watch it. My wife and I think that Comic Book Men is a great show and we must not be alone because AMC keeps renewing it. Don’t cry and moan about it, just change the channel.

  • Game of Arms, Ugh…. What an awful show! Yay for Walking Dead, they really brought that sicker back to life this season and this finale is going to put it over the TOP, I predict a Daryl and Beth Spin off, Daryl searching for her….

  • What goes on in real comic book stores 99.99% of the time is restocking and order placements… Yeah sounds like good tv… Idiot. It’s its a premise of their podcast “Tell Em Steve Dave”. Protest all you want, it’s a funny show about friends who like comic books working at a shop just hanging out. Lol “it doesn’t give a honest view on what happens on 99.99% behind the scenes”… Lame.