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AMAZON Fire Phone Unveiled, a Peter Dinklage DESTINY Meme, and More

The hump day is strong with you ladies and gents, and that means it’s time for brand new tech-filled edition of Nerdist News. Today, we dive into the details of Amazon’s first official smartphone, check in with our pal Elon Musk to find out his latest thoughts on artificial intelligence, and even explore the latest gaming meme brought to you by everyone’s favorite Lannister, Peter Dinklage. We also have another glimpse at super baddie Shredder from Michael Bay’s upcoming TMNT film!

Does Amazon’s Fire Phone look like the iPhone killer folks have been waiting for? Leave your auto-corrected thoughts on the new smartphone in the comments below.


  1. Wardster_ says:

    That phone looks nice, but I can’t see it breaking any new ground. Maybe if it does well, the second version (there’s a better word but I can’t think of it) will be better?
    generation? That it?