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Amazing Pictures Not From Your Last Party

Popular Science has its gallery of the “Most Amazing Science Images of 2010” posted now.

There are 72 images in the gallery, and many live up to the billing; it even makes navigating the gallery one picture at a time a little less annoying than the usual interminable Internet gallery. Robots, E.Coli, nanoparticles, bioluminescent creatures, the mummy of King Tut’s grandmother, a map of the U.S. made of slime mold, Eyjafjallajokull (oh, come on, surely you remember Eyjafjallajokull), a blast-test dummy getting its head blown off by fireworks…. Some are pretty standard shots of momentous occasions of the year, like the oil spill.  Others are, well, more awesome.  You can waste a lot of time with these pictures.

So go do that.  And then practice saying “Eyjafjallajokull.”  You never know when you might need to say it again.


  1. Deltus says:

    Amazing pictures! Had to wonder at the cat hind leg replacement, which is a lot more expensive than, I dunno… replacing the whole cat? Just spit-balling ideas here.