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All New Web Soup Tonight! 3 Eps Left This Season!

El Robocop is a beacon of all that is good in this world.

¡Muerto o vivo, viene conmigo!

Only THREE EPISODES left in Season 2 of Web Soup. Will there be a Season 3? THAT IS UP TO YOU. Last week’s numbers were STELLAR, and it’s all thanks to you wonderful nerdfolk who tuned in to see our wiener jokes! Thank you a million times!

All new Web Soup, TONIGHT at 5p/8p PT/ET!

Watch it and keep us alive! One of our writers just married for crapsake! Weddings are ‘SPENSIVE.

We <3 you for it!

PS – The “Thing You Can’t Unsee” tonight is not only ironically named but also involves a cute girl. Your sexy parts will be confused!!!