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Alison Haislip, Secret Agent-Type Person!

You know Friend-of-Nerdist Alison Haislip from her work on G4. Perhaps you also know her from NBC’s The Voice, and you’ve surely heard her on the Nerdist Podcast. And you know she’ll be part of G4’s Comic-Con coverage and will be making other appearances at the show (more on that later in this post). But did you know that Alison has an alter ego? Meet Jane Bond, Agent 008, licensed to kill:

Photo: Dave Cox/Wil Wells of Elevendy,

Yes, in advance of her appearances at Comic-Con, Alison did a little role-playing for a photo shoot, and Nerdist has been honored as the exclusive site for the pictures’ debut. They’re like she was dropped right into a James Bond movie, or a video game, or both.

Here she is, having just dropped two guards at a secret rebel base, inspecting the damage to her fingernails:

Photo: Dave Cox/Wil Wells of Elevendy,

And here, she’s doing her best about-to-spring-out-and-shoot-the-guard pose:

Photo: Dave Cox/Wil Wells of Elevendy,

Finally, having shot the guy in the first stall, she’s ready to take another big enemy guard out. Can she spare a square? I don’t think that’s really an issue at this point:

Photo: Dave Cox/Wil Wells of Elevendy,

The photo credit goes to Dave Cox and Wil Wells of Elevendy, and they’re at They did a great job — give ‘em a hand.

Oh, right, where will Alison (I don’t feel qualified to call her “Slippy” like Chris does) be at Comic-Con? Here’s her schedule:

1-3p: “Friends of the Nerdolution” panel & autograph signing at Zachary Levi’s Nerd HQ — that’s the place you heard Zach talk about on the podcast. It’s at Jolt’n Joes, 379 4th Ave., in the Gaslamp District at 4th and J, a couple of blocks from the Convention Center.

10:30a-11a: Listen to Alison on Geek Time on Sirius XM Radio’s Howard 101
11:30a-1p: Autograph signing in Autograph Alley with Attack of the Show
3-4p: Individual autograph signing at the G4 booth (stop by the booth early to pick up a wristband)

1-5:30p: Watch Alison on G4 with live coverage at the G4 booth