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Alison Haislip IS Jane Bond, 008 in “You Only Nerd Twice”

When last we left Jane Bond, Agent 008, she was laying waste to a secret rebel base and… wait, here you go, our own Alison Haislip of 4 Points with Alex Albrecht in a memorable photo shoot. Now, Alison/Jane Bond is back in a new adventure with some very, very familiar co-stars, this time sort of telling a story in movie poster-style “key art” pictures, and Nerdist has the exclusive.

So, here it is, Alison Haislip as Jane Bond 008 in “You Only Nerd Twice,” with Isaiah Mustafa, Zachary Levi, and, in the role he was born to play, Chris Hardwick:

Here’s our hero with her good-guy compatriots:

And here they are in their individual action poses. Alison and Isaiah get guns, Chris wields a watch.  Let’s do it movie-style: STARRING ALISON HAISLIP:


And introducing CHRIS HARDWICK as Guy With a Watch:

Special Guest Villain ZACHARY LEVI! Oh, Chuck, you’ve gone rogue. Not cool… well, actually, pretty cool:

But Chris, resplendent in bow tie, has a gadget that might just work:

Meanwhile, Zac blows a vault wide open. That’s the cool move, walking away emotionless with the explosion you set off right behind you:

He’s got the diamond! And now he CONTROLS THE WORLD! Bwa HA-ha-ha-ha… okay, he doesn’t look like the Bwa HA-ha-ha-ha type:

But he won’t get away if Jane Bond and the Old Spice Guy have their way. And they will:

Take THIS back to Nerd HQ!:

And, victory:

The pics (if you want larger versions you can click on the images) are courtesy Elevendy ( Must have been a blast to shoot.

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  1. poiboy says:

    alison in the hero pic makes so many people happy 🙂
    epic pic worthy of a poster size! :)) (hint hint)

  2. Patricia Nichols says:

    Oh Zach, what can I say? The Nerd Machine, as ALWAYS….bringing out another AWESOME production…. KEEP up the GREAT work buddy!!! You TOTALLY ROCK!!! Loved it!!! 😕

  3. Mike says:

    You guys do realize that Jane Bond was a series of Porn movies , right? So is Haislip going to do porn then, playing this role?

  4. Jess Aldana says:

    Dude…4 of literally my favorite people, you guys blow my mind

  5. Beaucifer says:

    I so want this to happen!

    The Nerd Who Loved Me.
    Dr. Nerd
    On Her Nerdisties Secret Service
    For Four Eyes Only
    Nerd and Let Die
    Nerd Another Day

    … and other puns as well.

  6. szir says:

    I love Jane Blond 00111 🙂

    Nice artworks

  7. DefconDan says:

    DefconDan… is most happy now!

  8. whosthebossk says:

    Thanks JetpackBlues,I was wondering where Haislips Hot and firey red hair had gone to. Would love to see a fake trailer get mocked up for this or a sequel, OctoNerd…NerdPussy…either or.

  9. JetpackBlues says:

    Wow, I forgot how long ago these were shot:

  10. mechas8n says:

    ……Annnnnd when is this premiering on the nerdist channel. At least a half hour action packed weekly radio serial as a podcast. Come on. You’ve heard what Big Finish can do with Doctor Who. You know all the people, Make this happen!.

  11. Mike says:

    Of all the “take my fucking money” ideas from this week, this was the “take ALL my fucking money”-est of them all! So seriously, take it!

  12. GuanoLad says:

    Hot damn! That is amazing! I love the cheesy over-the-top action movie “Shoot Em Up” with Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti. I want “You Only Nerd Twice” to be in that style, and I want it now!

  13. Tony says:

    This would be the best show! I could totally vision this on SyFy!

  14. James McGill says:

    This is What I need to Figure out how to do!!!! This is Fricking AWSOME! God how I wish I lived in an area where young impressionable models would be willing to work for nothing. 😀

    Oh and that I could afford to live in an area like that.

  15. Angie says:

    Zachary Levi as a villain?! Oh yeah! I’d watch that for sure!

  16. Paul says:

    KICKSTARTER was invented just for this project. COMING SUMMER 2013 to ADULT SWIM.

  17. Alex M says:

    This is awesome and made my Friday!

  18. Andrea says:

    Awesome posters! Like AWE-SOME… but not enough Chris Hardwick. (Sorry Alison) Also… Isaiah … too much clothing, not enough being on a horse…or the man my man should smell like…though he does smell like I imagine you smell like…so Yay?
    Did I mention the epic awesome of the posters?

  19. @JetpackBlues Yes, Legendary Pictures must make this! To much awesomeness to be left to pictures alone! The only thing that would make this better is if Chin and Tonic were the local PD that agent 008 had to work with in order to locate the local band of thieves working for Zachary Levi.

  20. JetpackBlues says:




    I smell a pitch for Legendary Pictures!

    Casio calculator watch gets a supporting role (Take that, Jen Kirkman 😀 )!

  21. David Zaine Aarons says:

    I keep trying to jam money into my screen, but it’s not doing anything. How am I supposed to help get this movie made if you won’t take my money!?

  22. John says:

    I basically can only say this,


  23. zenjack says:

    Very cool! Alison Haislip has got to be almost every strait nerds dream girl.

  24. Senor_Shutter says:

    Shouldn’t Isaiah Mustafa be Felix Leiter? Felix Leiter is an operative for the CIA and Bond’s friend.

    Obviously Mr.Hardwick should be “Q” what with his love of gadgets and all.

    ZACHARY LEVI is a brilliant offbeat choice for a Bond villain!

    I truly, TRULY believe that Alison Haislip would make a great action star!!!

    BRAVO! To everyone who worked on this!

  25. derpster says:

    haislip finally makes bond sexy

  26. George says:

    To the Kickstarter!