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Alison Brie On COMMUNITY’s ‘Exciting And Interesting’ Season

Alison Brie On COMMUNITY’s ‘Exciting And Interesting’ Season

UniKittyLEGO2014Nerdist got a chance to speak to Community and Mad Men star Alison Brie at the premiere of her new film The LEGO Movie in which she provides the voice of Unikitty, and the new season of Community finds her quite pleased: “I am SO excited. We have Dan Harmon back this year, which was incredible; it was a really fun year. We said goodbye to some people, which was sad, but it kind of made for a really exciting and interesting season.”

Harmon drew some additional praise from Brie. “I think a lot of people were excited to have Dan Harmon back, as were we,” she said. “And it is that feeling, you know, he created the show so it’s like coming home when Dan’s there. You really feel like things are as they should be.”

And what can fans of the NBC comedy look forward to this season? Known to fans for paying homage to other niche film and television, Brie revealed to Nerdist that Community would be paying tribute to a certain 70’s classic. “[T]here’s going to be some more weird, epic stuff. There’s sort of a weird Logan’s Run-type, 70’s sci-fi episode which I think is going to be really good and you know, other, emotions. So many emotions.”

Community‘s current season resumes on NBC on February 27th, and for more from creator Dan Harmon, check out his latest episode of Nerdist Writer’s Panel here.


  1. Alec says:

    I always forget that Harmontown itself isn’t a Nerdist podcast. It’s recorded at the Meltdown! Half the episodes have Kumail!