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“Aliens Vs. Parker” Issue #4 Preview

This week, the highly anticipated final issue of AVP hits the stands… no, not Aliens Vs. Predator, this one is actually good. The AVP I am referring to here is  Aliens Vs. Parker, a four-issue mini-series from BOOM! Studios, created by comedian Paul Scheer (The League, Party Down) and writer Nick Giovannetti (MTV, Adult Swim) along with artist Manuel Bracchi. 

Aliens Vs. Parker tells the story of what happens when a bunch of average Joes with average jobs crash land on an alien world, and one of them, the titular Parker, has to save his buddies from a bunch of aliens. Not so much a parody as an homage with comedic overtones, Aliens Vs. Parker is very much in the same vein as genre comedies like Ghostbusters and Shaun of the Dead.

The final issue of Aliens Vs. Parker has been delayed for a while now, but it is finally here. If you’re a fan of video games or the Alien movies, and (and since you’re reading Nerdist, I’m guessing that’s a safe assumption) I suggest going and picking up the first three issues and grabbing a copy of issue four when it hits comic shops this week and comiXology. In the meantime, here’s a seven page preview of the last issue: