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ALIEN: ISOLATION Coming In Late 2014

We’re almost a year removed from Alien: Colonial Marines, a game that was mostly memorable for how underdeveloped and glitchy it was. Playing through that game was the recreational equivalent to making out with a face hugger, leaving a gaping hole in the chest of Alien fans everywhere.

Flash forward to today, when Sega announced that they’re taking another crack at conquering Ridley Scott’s beloved universe in a new title called Alien: Isolation. The game will take place 15 years after the events of Alien, pitting you in the shoes of Ripley’s daughter, Amanda. Visually, the game is looking solid so far, as you’ll see for yourself watching the trailer below.

I’m still recovering from the heartache bestowed upon me by Colonial Marines, so I’m hoping Isolation will deliver on a level no Alien title has yet. I’m very excited about the game having a female lead, as the Alien universe seems to thrive when a woman is at the helm (Long live Ripley).

The game is set to hit PS4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC later this year. For more insight on Alien: Isolation, check out the developer diary below.

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  1. Yukay says:

    There is a lot of talk about Ripley’s foot being on the ladder. Her shluedor should have been messed up but the adrenaline would keep her going. It was just a few seconds.I was watching the movie 127 about a hiker who got his arm trapped under a boulder and had to cut his own arm off to escape. To me this sounds an impossibility (how to you cut through bones, cartilage, etc.?) But he did it. I think when it comes to life and death the human being is capable of anything.

  2. Illusion-XIII says:

    I feel pretty optimistic on this one. It really seems like they have a clear objective, and it’s the kind of thing the franchise needs. Not only the Alien series, but gaming in general could use a really good, proper survival horror game where you’re not just unloading bigger and bigger guns into rampaging hoards, and the only way to create any sense of threat or danger is by increasing the number of enemies to ludicrous proportions. Claustrophobia, limited resources, vulnerability, those are what make for a great horror game, and this one has some great potential. I can’t wait to hear what the Indoor Kids think of it, now, and when the real thing comes out.

  3. Maiku says:

    For the love of god this better be a better game then the disaster known as Colonial Marines. That game looked so promising and then ending up one of the worst high profile games in recent memory.