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Alert! More ORPHAN BLACK Footage Has Arrived!

Alert! More ORPHAN BLACK Footage Has Arrived!

As a fan of Orphan Black, you gotta love how quickly season two went from “we haven’t heard anything, I’m worried” to “holy crap, look at all this amazing footage!” And after a whole bunch of stuff from last week, we have three more Instagram teasers courtesy of BBC America to drool over:

First up, we have some kind of meeting going down between new baddy Rachel and Paul. Considering where Paul stands at the end of season one with Sarah, one must wonder how things get to this point with the two of them co-existing in the same room with no issue.

Next we have a clip of Sarah in some apartment building with some dude we’ve never seen before, which leads to them getting it on the way Sarah just does. Is she pulling her classic move of using her sexuality to get out of an awkward situation, or does she have feelings for this guy? So many questions!

FELIX! But more importantly, we’re finally seeing a glimpse into how the death of Aynsley is eating away at our favorite soccer mom. One can only image how worse things get for her when she learns the truth: that Aynsley wasn’t her monitor at all, rather it’s her own husband.

Season two of Orphan Black seems to be hitting the ground running, and April is too far away for us to be okay with the amount of questions being raised by all this footage. Hurry up, calendar!


  1. Moon says:

    Wonderful exiaonatpln of facts available here.

  2. Cait says:

    Is that LIAM from Nashville?! Ooh, please be a better role for this guy. I want to see him without having to hate-watch something.