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A&E’s BATES MOTEL Launches New Fan Interactive Site

A&E’s BATES MOTEL Launches New Fan Interactive Site

Bates Motel, A&E’s modern day prequel to the Alfred Hitchcock classic, Psycho, is a little over a month away from its season two premiere on March 3rd. Developed and executive produced by Lost’s Carlton Cuse, the series has received mixed reception from critics, but scored very consistent and decent ratings during the airing of its freshman season. Today, A&E launched a new interactive website for fans to explore and find clues to potential plot points in the second season. is a creepy, Flash-based site that lets users explore the famous motel in a style similar to some classic graphic adventure games. You can go into various rooms and click on interactive items at your will, and who knows what you might find? You can also make your way to the Bates home and check out just what makes the creepy family tick; Just be sure to avoid the shower and mother’s room. Seriously, don’t go in there, it hasn’t been vacuumed. Dusty as all hell.

When it comes to interactive activities for fans, this is a nifty one. The tone of the site fits with the A&E drama perfectly, and it does have some cool things going for it, mostly involving various clips from the show, some of which seem to be from the upcoming season. For fans of the series, they should be able to get a few hours of enjoyment out of exploring every room in the motel looking for clues and Easter eggs.

While exploring, if you find anything cool, add it to the comments below. Perhaps we nerds can crack the code of Bates Motel and find all the bread crumbs A&E has left for us to discover leading up to the season premiere.