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Review: CAT PERSON, Seo Kim’s Kitty-centric Cartoons

Review: CAT PERSON, Seo Kim’s Kitty-centric Cartoons

Creators have been making comics journals for years, but recent developments in website templates and sites like Tumblr have made it easier than ever for anyone to share the inside of his or her brain. That’s just what cartoonist Seo Kim (who works as a storyboard artist on Adventure Time) has done in her upcoming comic from Koyama Press, Cat Person.

The project began with a personal challange to create something daily, and many of the cartoons were originally shared on Kim’s Tumblr. The illustrations cover a variety of topics including Seo’s cat Jimmy, everyday life situations, and a peek into the amusing aspects of a long distance relationship. You’ll giggle and probably say “D’aww” to yourself more than once.

Being the crazy cat lady that I am, I warmed up to the first section of this book immediately. Kim’s endearing cartoons go through scenes any cat owner will know all too well. Having a feline comes with happiness and frustration, and she captures that with her drawings of Jimmy the cat. He’s lovable, and seeing their interactions will make you feel like hugging your own kitty. The biggest dose of adorable is found in this section of the book.

ways to  hug a cat

Other sections include comics entries (no prose here) about being an artist, trying to go to bed at a reasonable time, and several other relatable moments. In one particularly funny comic, Seo’s bed comes to life and lovingly grabs her to make her go to bed early. The book is made all the more enjoyable because we can see ourselves in Kim’s shoes over and over.

The drawing style is reminiscent of books like EmiTown but has its own charming flavor. And, since it is in the style of a journal, you can drop in and out of the book as you please. You don’t need to read it all at once in order to retain a complicated plot, and you don’t even have to read it in order. That freedom isn’t always necessary, but I like having it as an option. If you’re the patient sort, you could read just a comic or two to begin your day with a smile.

If you love cats and/or enjoy reading comic diaries, this book is right up your alley. Cat Person will be available for purchase in May.



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  2. PhamThuyVan2 says:

    Here indeed is a cute cat, I also wish I had a cat like that. 

  3. Dang Bach says:

    I really love cat and this is exactly what i need!