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Adam DeVine to Make More Treble in PITCH PERFECT 2

Adam DeVine to Make More Treble in PITCH PERFECT 2

Plans for Pitch Perfect 2 seem to be coming together quite nicely. After nabbing the essential ladies — Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Brittany Snow — the Elizabeth Banks-directed production is now working on the men folk. Deadline reports that the first guy to sign on is the lead Treblemaker himself, Adam DeVine.

DeVine’s character Bumper Allen may have a score to settle after — *spoiler alert* — getting upstaged by the Bellas at the end of the first film. Since the sequel is written by returning screenwriter Kay Cannon, there’s a strong chance that Allen’s revenge may come in spectacularly hilarious fashion.

I, for one, cannot aca-wait.


  1. Will says:

    Technically he wasn’t upstaged at the end of the film since he already left to be a back up singer for John Mayer in L.A. (But not before buying a dope collarless leather jacket)

    Still can’t wait to see him make a return, guess he’d come back to college to graduate? Either way, gonna be acca-awesome