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ACTION COMICS #1 Sells Super Well, Breaks Single-Issue Record

ACTION COMICS #1 Sells Super Well, Breaks Single-Issue Record

One of the most important comics of all time became the highest-selling of all time this week: Action Comics #1 sold for $3.2 million dollars on eBay, nailing the record for the most expensive comic sold of all time. The sale beats the previous record holder, a 2011 auction for Action Comics #1 which went for $2,161,000, according to Business Wire. The comic – which looks good at 76 years old – is graded at a 9.0 with white pages.

The issue is the first appearance of Jerry Siegel and Joel Shuster creation Superman back in 1938. It also helped usher in the reign of the capes and tights set in comics, helping popularize superheroes and leading to the first comics boom. I feel like the owner of this issue now has their hands on a literal piece of history, a once-in-a-lifetime cultural moment that defined everything that came after.

While the issue may have sold in the thousands (or more) back in 1938, there are thought to be only around 50 unrestored copies of the book out in the wild. This one as owned by comics and collectibles seller Dan Adams. I should really look into fine art museums that might or might not have some of those other 49 copies up for display, because at this point, that’s what this is: a piece of crucial and historical art.

Some proceeds from the auction will be dedicated to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. The group, founded by the late Superman actor Christopher Reeve and his wife, Dana, is dedicated to funding research for the cure of spinal injuries.

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