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About Last Night….

What was last night’s taping of the Nerdist TV pilot for BBC America like?  I can’t tell you. Not everything, that is.  Oh, I can tell you that it was hilarious, that Craig Ferguson killed, that Chris, Jonah, Matt, and Mike Phirman were customarily great, that the audience was awesome, even that it took a long time because, well, TV show tapings take a long time.  But I can’t tell you about the Super Special Secret Guest yet.  And if you were there, or if you know or can guess who that Super Special Secret Guest was, do everyone a favor and keep it quiet (and out of the comments, please!) until we can spill it later.

In the meantime, I was hovering around the set with a borrowed camera I’d never used before, so apologies for the quality of these shots (and the angles — YOU try maneuvering around a tightly-packed audience and cameras everywhere), but we have some pictures to give you some idea of what was going on….

Here’s what the room looked like from the back:

Before the show, Chris took a picture of Mike while I took a picture of Chris taking a picture of Mike:

Several audience members were in costume.  This human TARDIS got some attention on the show:

And some more costumery:

Here are parts of the set you might notice when the show airs:

Phirman, Jonah, and Matt got together for an impromptu jam session. Okay, it was just Jonah playing the bongos.  He likes bongos.

Chris warmed up the crowd:

The show began with our regular trio:

And they were later joined by the incomparable Craig Ferguson:


And then there was another guest, and music and much frivolity deep into the night.  You shoulda seen it.  Oh, right, you WILL see it, at least in the U.S., on BBC America. Until then, our cast, crew, and audience send their love:

(Remember, no fair spoiling the special guest in the comments, okay?  Behave!)

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  1. Ali says:

    @Amber – Firstly, so jealous of anyone who was there last night. (I hate you, job, but you bribe me with money.)

    Secondly, I obviously cannot speak for those involved in organizing the show, but I have attended several tapings of different talk shows that film in the LA area. It’s normal for these shows to be overbooked to ensure that all seats in the audience will be filled. This is complete speculation on my part, but I can only guess that this event was handled in a similar manner. My experience being an audience member at some talk shows *cough*lookingatyouConanpages*cough* has been less than stellar, and given that experience, I’m surprised that – from the sound of it – they even allowed more audience members into the taping than seating allowed.

  2. Tony says:

    Love the set.

    Also, what Evan Gray said.

  3. Amber says:

    I had a great time, and I LOVED the content, banter, and guests.

    I wanted to say that first and separately because it IS true. What you’re trying to do is awesome. That being said, I would have a serious talk with some of the people behind organizing the show, in the future. First of all, a heads up via e-mail (since that’s how we got our confirmation) letting us know that the ‘must be in costume’ was lifted would have been nice. It’s a terrifying feeling showing up and being one of 10 people in costume, especially for some nerds who are not really comfortable being singled out. Part of the reason I was SO EXCITED to come to this event was being surrounded by other people like me; a sea of nerdy cosplayers. Even a heads up would have saved us that sinking feeling in our gut when we arrived and felt the panic of YET AGAIN being one of the weirdos in the corner.

    Secondly, the e-mail was very clear that seating was limited, so why were more people than seats let into the show? If there were important people and industry interns who must be let in because of some industry perk, couldn’t they have had stools brought to the back?

    Things like that are sort of the opposite of how loyal fans are supposed to be treated. A whole group of fans showed up and participated exactly as asked in the e-mails without question, and were pushed off to the side and forced to stand. We’re sort of used to that treatment from the rest of the world, and I hope that in the future when the show gets picked up (it really DOES deserve to) that the people in charge of the details remember this is supposed to be a show for nerds. We’re unironically enthusiastic about the things we love, and we would love for this to be one of those things.

  4. SexyCraigFerg says:

    While Chris is getting his makeup done, Craigy is deep in discussion about something brainy. Love you Craig and Chris and Matt and Jonah and everyone who made this pilot possible!

  5. deb says:

    I cannot thank Chris enough for being a wonderful human being!
    –Oh yeah, AND he and everyone else was IMMENSELY entertaining and cool!
    What a great night. I cannot detail here just how important it was for me to be there and everything that it meant to me.
    We two were going to be standing, but thanks to the people who wanted to stay together so gave us the very last two open seats. It’s fun to see even just the top of my head so close to Mr. Phirman, so I appreciate your photographs very much!

  6. Three Toes of Fury says:

    HUGE thanks to Perry for sharing the pix. We Nerdist-uber-fans are always hankerin for some visuals to go along with the great audios.

    Also, great score on the special guests, i cant believe you got Shatner AND Nimoy to show up and sing “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” together. Too bad things got ungly when The Shat was hogging the mic and Nimoy punched him in the kidneys. Oh well..should make for good footage.

  7. Ian Campbell says:

    It looks like everyone had a blast. I can’t wait till this airs. It looks AWESOME!!!!! Is there an air date yet? Thank you guys.
    Ian “nerlatto” Campbell

  8. Dano says:

    I’m fairly certain all this BBC business is just a veiled attempt at getting Chris on the shortlist for 12th doctor… I hope it works!!!

  9. 12 says:

    Lol, I’m using my sonic that almost got stolen… 3 times.

  10. Roger says:

    Question. What as Chris dressed like Seacrest? Is that is alter ego C++crest?

  11. Sonkakarrot says:

    Question to Jonah why is it every time i hear u talk i think your Nelson Franklin ya it’s a real question ?????????

  12. Jetouellet says:

    Talal, unless this falls under Real estate or Top Gear, I’m pretty sure BBC Canada won’t be showing it.

  13. Mike says:

    The set looks great. I know you probably don’t have an answer yet, but I’m wondering if this show will be included in BBC America’s Hulu Plus offerings. I don’t have cable (and even when I did we didn’t get BBC America), so I’m really hoping that I will be able to easily (and legally) stream this wonderful show to my TV via Hulu+ on my Playstation.

  14. Evan Gray says:

    For people not fortunate enough to have BBC America, will the show be released in a timely online format, either in an ad supported way (like Hulu), pay per watch avenue (like iTunes), or Netflix Instant?

  15. Carl says:

    Very, very cool. Congrats to all of you!

  16. Dave says:

    So awesome about the pilot guys, congrats! Love the podcast! You guys were actually the first podcast I ever listened to, and I haven’t stopped listening since. I’ve posted on the FB page and tweeted Chris, but I just want to spread the word of newer Yacht Rock (discussed on the Zooey Deschanel episode). My band, Bearstronaut, is trying to keep the spirit of smooth alive. Check out our new single here:

  17. Rudy Rodriguez says:

    I was there and it was awesome. Can I offer one suggestion? How about giving Mike a comfy stool? He was standing the entire show and must have been exhausted. The show was amazing and thanks to Matt, Johna and you Chris for the countless hours of topnotch entertainment you have provided me with over the last year.

  18. Charles says:

    I like the tall roundtable style desk everyone is sitting at with the guest in the middle and the guys on each side. Also Chris’ make-up face is hilarious.

  19. gothaggis says:

    your special guest already spoiled it through his twitter account 😉

  20. Danny, thanks, although focus was a problem when having to sneak to a spot, get steady, zoom, focus, and fire. It was a Canon 60D, borrowed, and I didn’t have time to familiarize myself with much of it. I’d love to spend more time with it, though. Positioning was difficult, too; I was hoping to be able to slip behind the back curtain in a tiny crawl space to be able to get to the center and right side, but there wasn’t enough room, so the back-left and backstage were the only options, which is why tops of heads show up in a lot of my shots. I’m not tall enough.

  21. Derek says:

    Is it bad that I kind of want this to just be “Doctor Who: The Discussion Panel?”

  22. Danny Damore says:

    Pics look good! What kind of camera are you using? You forgot to mention who the special guest was!

  23. No word on broadcast dates or availability elsewhere. Yes, Matt’s doing great on the weight loss. And, yes, that’s a sonic screwdriver in Chris’ hand.

  24. Spencer K says:

    Talal, no, Canada wasn’t the secret special guest either.

  25. Travocity says:

    If the Nerdist TV show isn’t available where you live, do what Matt does with Bargain hunt, torrent it.

  26. Ali says:

    This looks amazing. I sincerely hope it gets picked up and I can’t wait to see the pilot. Good luck, guys!

    Matt, you look GREAT. You really do. 🙂

    And in the first picture, is Chris holding a sonic screwdriver? I can’t quite make it out…

  27. Marki Mark says:

    Jesus christ Matt Mira!! You look bloody fantastic! I can’t believe how much weight you’ve lost. Keep it it buddy, all the best to you and the Nerdist gang.

  28. MorseCod says:

    Are there any plans to show this to the UK?

  29. Man, at times like this I really hate not living in the States. I hope some pirates will give me the opportunity to see it though, not because I like stealing and such, but I just really want to see this show 😀

  30. JackBurton says:

    Matt Mira, you are looking fantastic!! Keep it up. Weight loss is hard, but you’re sticking with it. Good for you!

  31. Robert says:

    For those of us who don’t have cable, let alone BBC America, will there be an alternate way to view the show?

  32. Jenna Ali says:

    I am so very excited for this.

    Also, if one more person calls the Doozer a “dozer” imaa stab a bitch.

  33. Lance says:

    in the rare event case the pilot does not get picked up. Will it ever be released for all the fans who were not there to see?

  34. Dan says:

    Matt’s looking downright svelte! GG man!

  35. Ben Clarkson says:

    I thought everyone was supposed to be in costume?

    Thy needed a bouncer in a Storm Trooper getup to keep out the street clothes riffraff.

  36. Ryan Staples says:

    If the super secret guest wasn’t Fred Gwynne risen from the grave, I’m probably going to have to shank someone.

  37. Jernick says:

    Way to rock the good ol’ flannel, Jonah! At least it looks like you shaved sometime within the previous day. Or two.

    I’m teasing. Don’t cry!

  38. JL says:

    looks like it was fun. wish I could have made it last night.
    I see Chris warmed up the crowd with Hard N Phirm’s “If You Believe” in the pics 😀

  39. Wade says:

    Sounds cool, looks awesome. Too bad I’ll never get to see it! Damn you Time Warner and your different digital tiers!

  40. No word about Canada yet.

    Becca, I TOLD you not to mention… er, nothing. Nothing at all.

  41. Becca Gleason says:

    The photography looks great! The Jonas Brothers’ surprise guest performance was mediocre at best.

  42. Talal says:

    What about Canada????

  43. Patti says:

    Thanks for posting the pics, and giving us just a little hint of what the show will be like. Looking forward to it!

  44. Matt Brodie says:

    The show was SO awesome! Many many thanks to the team for ticket. This show MUST get picked up, so I can go again. Make sure to let us know as soon as air dates are announced!

  45. Wrong building. The Kardashians, on the other hand…

  46. Heath says:

    I’m not sure I’d call Snooki a “special guest.” But hey, it’s your show.

  47. Don’t know when it’ll air yet.

  48. There’s a DOOZER!!!

  49. Jeremy says:

    Ha! A Dozer showed up? Awesome

  50. Gabriel says:

    I am really looking forward to this. Do you have a general idea when it will air? This summer maybe?