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About Last Night….

What was last night’s taping of the Nerdist TV pilot for BBC America like?  I can’t tell you. Not everything, that is.  Oh, I can tell you that it was hilarious, that Craig Ferguson killed, that Chris, Jonah, Matt, and Mike Phirman were customarily great, that the audience was awesome, even that it took a long time because, well, TV show tapings take a long time.  But I can’t tell you about the Super Special Secret Guest yet.  And if you were there, or if you know or can guess who that Super Special Secret Guest was, do everyone a favor and keep it quiet (and out of the comments, please!) until we can spill it later.

In the meantime, I was hovering around the set with a borrowed camera I’d never used before, so apologies for the quality of these shots (and the angles — YOU try maneuvering around a tightly-packed audience and cameras everywhere), but we have some pictures to give you some idea of what was going on….

Here’s what the room looked like from the back:

Before the show, Chris took a picture of Mike while I took a picture of Chris taking a picture of Mike:

Several audience members were in costume.  This human TARDIS got some attention on the show:

And some more costumery:

Here are parts of the set you might notice when the show airs:

Phirman, Jonah, and Matt got together for an impromptu jam session. Okay, it was just Jonah playing the bongos.  He likes bongos.

Chris warmed up the crowd:

The show began with our regular trio:

And they were later joined by the incomparable Craig Ferguson:


And then there was another guest, and music and much frivolity deep into the night.  You shoulda seen it.  Oh, right, you WILL see it, at least in the U.S., on BBC America. Until then, our cast, crew, and audience send their love:

(Remember, no fair spoiling the special guest in the comments, okay?  Behave!)