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…Aaaaaaand Here I Am Frenching a T-Rex Skull at a Biosphere in Tucson


I’m real proud o’ me.


  1. How sexy! And…a bit disturbing. :)

  2. Adam51586 says:

    this is awesome!

  3. gene says:

    You don’t French on the first kiss. You wait for her bony signal.

  4. Mike says:

    Chris – You’re my Bonnie Hunt… :)

  5. SinCity says:

    Now I feel bad about turning down that raptor…

  6. Jurassic Beastiality rocks. I wouldn’t have thought about hitting on a 65 million year old dinosaur, but hey us nerds have to get some where we can get some. It’s not like he/she is going to give you herpes or some other disease that keeps on giving. Go for it.

    A part of me is a little jealous of what you two have. I wish it was that passionate between my wife and I. Okay that was hard to type with a straight face. Great photo!


  7. You should get married.
    I’ll be your best man.

  8. celo820 says:

    Match made in heaven.

  9. kerry says:

    redefining “sexy beast”.

  10. charlie says:

    Chocolate T-rex skull. wayy better that chocholate rabbits