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A Visit To “Skyrim Love Island”

If you’re a fan of COPS: Skyrim on the Nerdist Channel, you’ll want to see Tyrannicon‘s Skyrim Love Island at Machinima, in which his Throthgar the Dragonborn and some friends head to the Island of Love for… well, you can figure that out without help. One of the group happens to be COPS: Skyrim‘s Officer Jenkins (voiced, as he is on the original, by Jeff Hatz). Also, there’s a kickboxing banana; keep in mind that sometimes a banana is just a banana, even when he has legs. And, remember, a little rug burn never hurt anyone. But before long, the whole expedition goes terribly wrong, because things are not what they seem.

Is this when we remind you to watch COPS: Skyrim, too? Because you should.