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A Super Clip from “The Awesomes”

The Awesomes is an all-new, original animated series exclusively on Hulu created by Saturday Night Live veteran Seth Meyers and co-writer Michael Shoemaker, about a group of misfit super heroes that are more Jokey League than Justice League. As we’ve learned, the show follows Professor Doctor Awesome (Prock for short), who takes over the team just as the rest of the member quit forcing him to go to the C-list of supers to fill the thinned ranks. Meyers brings a lot of comedic weight to the table in the form of voices such as other Saturday Night Live alumni  Kenan Thompson, Taran Killam, and Bill Hader. This quick-witted, sharply animated comedy is a fresh take on the below-average superhero concept and brings a clever, knowing and positive attitude to the story of a group of losers hoping to prove they can be heroes.

In the Nerdist Channel exclusive clip, from the show’s third episode, while the group discusses their various origin stories, Sumo (voice by Bobby Lee) explains that his ability to turn into a sumo wrestler manifested at a surprisingly early age…

The Awesomes is currently available to all on, with new episodes released every Thursday.