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A Stop-Motion Animated X-Men Opening

A Stop-Motion Animated X-Men Opening


These are the days we’re truly grateful for the internet. YouTube animator Kyle Roberts has recreated the original opening for X-Men: The Animated Series in stop-motion. Sure, he used the VHS box for “Pryde of the X-Men” (which is actually the pilot that the X-Men arcade game is based on) and doesn’t actually use the opening from the animated series, but we won’t hold that against him. You will now have this tune stuck in your head the rest of the day.

And for comparison, here’s the original opening from our childhood.



  1. Brendan says:

    Anyone else notice Michael Jackson as one of the civilians at 1:22?

  2. Jeff says:

    This is incredible. Should I call you Logan, Weapon X? NO, WOLVERINE! snikt snikt

  3. James McGill says:

    YES. Yes I will. 😀