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A Special Gift by Way of THE LEGO MOVIE

A Special Gift by Way of THE LEGO MOVIE

There was a special little box sitting next to LEGO Hardwick today – a LEGO box to be more specific. Perhaps this was to commemorate today’s Blu-ray, DVD and digital release of The LEGO Movie. Perhaps I had no business opening up said LEGO box since my name was definitely not on it. Well, this is how the situation played out:

Look, who wouldn’t open a shiny new LEGO box sitting right in front of them? Now on to my next challenge: staying productive with a box of fresh LEGOs sitting on my desk. Special thanks to Warner Bros. for the nice gift, and don’t miss out on grabbing The LEGO Movie on Blu-ray, DVD or via digital download today.


  1. murphytim says:

    Chris Hardbrick?

  2. SaintNicster says:

    For those that can’t see anything, don’t visit the site under HTTPS (like the FB link had you do).  The embedded movie is served off a non-HTTPS server, and your browser is actually protecting you., please fix your links to have the appropriate security combinations!

  3. Josh says:

    I cant see anything…what happend