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A Sample of “The Nerdist: Year in Review”: Nathan Fillion Drops By

You DO want a sneak preview of The Nerdist: Year in Review, right? Here, then, a clip, courtesy of, featuring Nathan Fillion with Chris, Jonah, and Wil Wheaton.

December 24th, 9/8c, BBC America. Another reason to look forward to that evening.

HT: BBC America

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  1. Yuanmeihua says:

    Wil and Nathan at the same time?! Nerd overload! squeeeee……

  2. Mike says:

    AWESOME!!!! Can’t wait to see the whole show!!!!

  3. Elisabeth says:

    10 seconds in and I’m already laughing. This looks promising. LoL
    Everyone is looking very sharp, except Wheaton in his plaid T-shirt. For real Wheaton, get with the program.

  4. Tammy Smith says:

    Show a preview of the interview with David Tennant, which will be on the same show!

  5. AnaB says:

    All hail Fillion!!! \o/
    And look at Matt and Jonah all dappered up in suits… nice bow tie, Chris! Yes, bow ties are cool…

  6. onReload says:

    Am I the only one wondering if the UK crowd will hate Chris for wearing the Dr. Who outfit?

  7. Great preview. Looking forward to the show.

  8. Junior L says:

    Jonah why is your jacket still buttoned up when you’re sitting down!! Even Matt knows not to do that.

  9. Matt A says:

    I think I need to actually get up and not use my phone for web-browsing.. Totally missed the two comments about the video change. XD

  10. Matt A says:

    All of you international folks saying you can’t see it outside of the US? I.. Just watched the clip. I am in Australia.
    What’s up with that?
    Though I still hope to have some way of seeing it after it airs in the US.. :/

  11. Thanks, @Cesar- updated with the YouTube version, which I hope will be a little more widely available. It wasn’t posted there yet when I originally wrote the post.

  12. Joe says:

    I just came a little.

  13. Cesar says:

    there is another one on youtube

  14. Thilo says:

    cannot be viewedfrom your current country or location. wuaaah :[

  15. highwyre237 says:

    bowties are cool

  16. Dave says:

    Not available in Australia 🙁 booo BBC America

  17. Olivia says:

    I love that both Jonah and Matt are smooshed together on the end, meanwhile everyone else has plenty of room to stretch their arms.

  18. Timbostacey says:

    Cannot be viewed in Canada, bummer!

  19. MattApodaca says:

    I don’t think there is a word for the noise my body just made.

  20. Ethan says:

    I would watch The Space Show.

  21. MischaD says:

    Thank God for Amazon Instant Video because I don’t get BBC America. It will be a lovely (and cheap) present for myself on Christmas morning! Can’t wait!

  22. JayEmmerton says:

    This video is unavailable in your location. UGH.

  23. jay wheeler says:

    That clip was amazon! I can’t wait to see the hole show, grate job guys.

  24. Ari Casspi says:

    The video you are trying to view cannot be viewed from your current country or vacation wtf!!!!!

  25. Hickspy says:

    Nathan Fillion could charm the feathers off a rooster.

  26. Marie Parsons says:

    GOOD thing I figured out how to record, since i won’t be home that day but don’t want to miss the fun. So, it will be late, but still marvelous.