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A Remote Control Flying TARDIS, Because Every Time Lord Needs One

So, there are a lot of Doctor Who-related items for sale out there, but, um, THIS:


Yes, that’s a remote control flying TARDIS. Let that roll around in your brain for a few seconds.

The item from the folks at Underground Toys is being sold by Entertainment Earth, which is taking pre-orders here for July delivery. I don’t think it makes the noise, but, well, I mean, remote control flying TARDIS. $46.99. Underground Toys has a TARDIS that makes the sound when you open the door, but it doesn’t fly. This one does. Want.

HT: Nerd Approved via Geekosystem


  1. mrs. miller says:

    they need to make a 10$ paper craft type version of this.

  2. michaelalexkawa says:

    Very very cool .Now I know what to get my sister so that I can play with it .

  3. matt says:

    shut up and take my money! where do i get this?!?!?!?