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A Promo For “The Nerdist” On BBC America 3/30

Hey, look, BBC America slipped out a promo for The Nerdist, coming March 30th, 10/9c, following the half-season premiere of Doctor Who and the premiere of the new series Orphan Black! You can get a glimpse of the new set and everything!

We will, of course, remind you to watch several times before the air date. Let this serve as a ceremonial launch of promotion, or something like that, I dunno. Just go set your DVR, okay? And, yes, it WILL air in Canada on Space, Sunday, March 31st at 7/6c/4p. And, no, I have no other information about any other territories, sorry. Okay, we’re good now, right? Good.

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  1. kari2171 says:

    You can also get them legally for about $2 ON ITunes, usually the day after they air. 🙂

  2. Teia says:

    Awesome! Thanks

  3. Dangalh says:


    they get put up on torrent sites

  4. Teia says:

    Is there any way to view these episodes online after they premiere?

  5. Gary Bravender says:

    Help me Chris I’m stuck in the Pandorica!!!,……Wait……No I’m not .But it was an AWESOME episode tonight Can’t wait for new Nerdist season, have @craigy ferguson back on

  6. Jake says:

    I love the old show, so to have it revamped into hour long episodes seems like heaven. Plus it’ll be on after Doctor Who!

  7. Justin says:

    I am British, and I am both so amazingly happy that you’re getting a chance to branch out into a new-old medium, but am also disheartened that the British Broadcasting Company will likely not air this in the UK.