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A Preview Of “Nerds Versus Aliens”

nerdsvsalienslogoSo, remember last year when we showed you the results of a very, very cool photo shoot with Alison Haislip as “Jane Bond” and Chris Hardwick, Isaiah Mustafa, and Zachary Levi on board? Sure you do (it’s here).

Well, the folks at Elevendy, who put together that photo shoot, have decided to up the ante for this year at Nerd HQ during Comic-Con in San Diego working with Nerd Machine, and, man, have they done just that, for a great cause, too. How about a massive art print with some of the biggest celebrity nerds in the universe battling aliens in spectacular fashion? And how about auctioning off prints to raise money for Operation Smile, the charity that helps children with cleft lips and cleft palates get the treatment they need? It’s called “Nerds Versus Aliens,” and, oh, this one is VERY cool. First, here’s a video to explain it all:

Now, for who’s involved, in alphabetical order: Alex Albrecht, Cliff Bleszinski (aka CliffyB), Michele Boyd, Jeff Cannata, Jessica Chobot, David Coleman, Felicia Day, Bobak Ferdowsi, Nathan Fillion, Clare Grant, Brea Grant, Seth Green, Alison Haislip, Chris Hardwick, Grant Imahara, Stan Lee, Zachary Levi, Samm Levine, Joel David Moore, Isaiah Mustafa, Kevin Pereira, Beau Ryan, Milynn Sarley, and Rileah Vanderbilt. Yeah, pretty nice list of key nerd celebs there.

And the what and where: The piece will be auctioned off at Nerd HQ at Petco Park during Comic-Con in San Diego this week, in the form of seven 24×36 gallery wrapped canvas prints, and one massive 14′ long x 3′ tall canvas print. There’ll also be high quality 8.5×11 prints available for purchase on after the auction closes. The same site will have the complete artwork starting on Thursday, when the piece will go on display at Nerd HQ.

Here’s what you should do: go to and sign up to get notified when the art goes up and the online auction and store open.

But wait, here’s an behind-the-scenes exclusive: Chris Hardwick goofing around on the photo shoot, musing about how he’s “just a head” in the artwork and, well, watch:

And speaking of Stan Lee, here he is from the piece, in a shot that appeared at


From the same place, here’s Seth Green looking fierce:


And Felicia Day being Felicia Day in space:


Dave Cox, CEO of Elevendy, told me, “We’ve been working with nerdy celebs like these for years; this year we decided that rather than just do something that looks cool, let’s do something that looks cool and can help out society in some way…. Our staff really took to the project, which can be a bit tough when you’re doing a pro-bono project with a value over $100k for zero compensation. They were fueled through multiple late nights by their desire to help put smiles back on kids’ faces with Operation Smile.” And I can tell you from being at the initial meeting about this thing that, yes, everyone involved was and is really motivated to do good with this, as well as, come on, fighting aliens, how cool is that?

Again, go to and sign up to get notified when the art goes up and the online auction and store open. Follow @nerdsversus on Twitter for the latest, and stop by Nerd HQ during ComicCon to see the final work in all its nerds-in-space glory.