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A New Trailer For “Epic”

Seems like, what, nine months ago, we saw a trailer for the next 20th Century Fox/Blue Sky/Chris Wedge animated feature Epic? Yup, nine months. Another trailer is out now, with less music and more dialogue, showing teen Mary Katharine (Amanda Seyfried) shrunk and transported into a battle over nature, with a bad guy (Christoph Waltz) and talking slug/snail/whatevers that sound like Aziz Ansari and Chris O’Dowd and Beyonce as the Queen of the Forest and, well, you can go see for yourself. Plucky teen helps save the Earth… been done, but maybe they’ll do it better.

The voice cast also includes Colin Farrell, Josh Hutcherson, Johnny Knoxville, Judah Friedlander, Pitbull, Jason Sudeikis and Steven Tyler. It’s opening on May 24th. As always, you can vote on whether this does anything for you in the comments below.


  1. KJH says:

    It’s “Honey, I Shrunk the Kid[s]” meets “Fern Gully.” Looks good, but not necessarily “midnight showing” good.

  2. Mbk says:

    I, too, got a fern gully feeling from it…looks very cool!

  3. CJ says:

    I <3 it (& I think Dreamworks – Disney – Pixar – Sony Animation Houses have a quality film to compete with this year) …

  4. Ashley W says:

    Kinda Fern Gully-esque…I dig it.