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A “New” Trailer for DOCTOR WHO, Circa 1974

A “New” Trailer for DOCTOR WHO, Circa 1974

The first trailer for Series 8 of Doctor Who, the first featuring Peter Capaldi (aka P-Caps) as the Twelfth Doctor, last weekend was one of the best trailers produced for the show and certainly went a long way to making lots of Whovians, if possible, even MORE excited to see what the new fella has in store. It’s a completely different style and tone from the largely jovial Matt Smith years. It looks to be another big shift for our favorite Time Lord.

But, this isn’t the first time this has happened in the series. Not by a longshot, and YouTube user Aquatics64 has taken it upon his/herself to create the same trailer, but for Fourth Doctor Tom Baker’s first (and second) season all the way back in late 1974. Hitting all the same beats and surprisingly using as much audio from those episodes as possible, this trailer definitely gets me excited for Season 12. Have a looksee!

We get snippets of scenes from T-Bak’s inaugural story “Robot,” “The Ark in Space,” “The Sontaran Experiment,” heavily “Genesis of the Daleks” (which introduced Davros don’t you know), “Revenge of the Cybermen,” and stories from his second year like “Terror of the Zygons,” “Pyramids of Mars” and “Planet of Evil.” (If I missed any let me know.) There’s also the briefest of shots from “The Time Warrior” which is actually a Third Doctor story, but it does have a robot in it which is very in keeping with the one in the Series 8 trailer, so I think thematically it still works.

Aquatics64 does all kinds of Who videos so give his channel a visit.

Just for fun, go ahead and compare it to the new trailer and see if you can spot all the great links.


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