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A New MAD MEN Teaser’s Here; Is Everyone Headed For A Breakdown?

A New MAD MEN Teaser’s Here; Is Everyone Headed For A Breakdown?

Oh, Mad Men teasers, you fickle, non-disclosure-y bits of television-related ephemera. The less you say the more we wonder what in the ever-loving hell Matthew Weiner has in store for us, especially heading into the first half of series’ seventh season (its final one ever, sniff sniff). And though the latest one is continuing down that very same path that so many Mad Men-related things have traveled before, at least this one has some snappy music and striking visual colorization (just like that new poster) to pique our interest. Just look!

This teaser really has everything: a cool song (Alice Russell’s “Breakdown”), slow-motion walking, absolutely zero dialogue, and a super broad tagline, “It’s All Up In The Air.” Daaaaamn yooooou, Weiner!

Our biggest question, naturally, is: where the heck is Joan? Followed by the following quandaries: Is everyone moving to California? Are they all heading off in their own direction? Is Don Draper about to finally break down? Will that silver fox Roger Sterling ever learn his lesson? Can Pete Campbell’s face get any more punchable? And will we ever hear him utter “Not great, Bob!” ever again? And while we’re at it: will we ever see Bob Benson again, please, I hope? Has Peggy Olson ever looked more confident? And what sort of mental anguish does Betty Draper have in store for misbehaving Sally?

Mad Men returns on Sunday, April 13th on AMC. Are you ready for the take-off?


  1. Leinad says:

    I’m as excited as anyone for the new season, but I think an obscure song from the era would have been better. Also the whole slightly slow motion teaser is way overdone. It’s ironic isn’t it Mad Men is about advertising in some way and this really isn’t so good.