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A Music Geek’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

A Music Geek’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

The way I see it, this day can only go two ways for you. Based on the rigorous mathematics that I just conducted in the previous sentence, I have devised a sort of choose-your-own-adventure pair of playlists, by which I mean that today you are either going to have sex or you are going to cry (potentially both!). I know which I will be doing. Happy Valentines Day, Nerds! Love, Matt.

The first playlist, titled Nerdist <3, encapsulates all those squidgy feelings you get in your heart/gut/miscellaneous regions when you are with that special boo, whether they know that is what they are or not. We start with some vintage, heartfelt tracks until we hear James Blake and enter Smoosh Town for like a solid 30 minutes. One time in high school my friend once tried to explain what Romanticism was to me and what he boiled it down to was, “I love love.” That is what is the below playlist is.

Nerdist <3

Nerdist :( is where things get rough. You are John Cusack and your heart is broken and your arms are tired because you have been holding up the best audio technology the late ’80s has to offer because Peter Gabriel is the only way to win her back — “In Your Eyes” was not on Spotify which made me extra :(. So for this playlist, I basically I stole the saddest songs from my favorite Sofia Coppola movies and then added some spiteful tunes for good measure (read: “I Wanna Destroy You”). This playlist is a bummer roller-coaster if ever there was one, and I feel like I should have had everyone sign some sort of mental stability digital disclaimer before unleashing this into the ether.

Nerdist :(

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