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A Look at THE FLASH’s Love Life in a New Featurette

A Look at THE FLASH’s Love Life in a New Featurette

You know what they say: fast of foot, slow in love. I mean, no one actually says that but it’s probably implied somewhere.

That’s the going story between The Flash‘s future couple Iris West (Candice Patton) and Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) according to this featurette from the upcoming CW series. Patton narrates “Friend Zoned,” explaining how the road to romance will be rocky for the pair since they’ve essentially been raised as siblings since the death of Barry’s mother.

Iris made her comics debut all the way back in 1956 with Showcase #4, a reporter and frequently the object of Barry’s affections. Her origin story is completely bonkers, including being born in the future, death, being sent back to the 20th century from the 30th as an infant and now my head hurts. Basically, all you need to know is that Iris is Lois to Barry’s Clark, taking ages to realize that the guy she’s been in a seemingly endless flirtation with is actually a world-famous superhero.

So will the new series keep that dynamic? The will they/won’t they aspect remains the drama that fuels any kind of romance, but increasingly, superhero fiction on TV and films have kind of bypassed the years and years of the hero’s significant other not knowing who they are under the laser-modeled cowl. It was one of the greatest weaknesses of Smallville (Lana and Clark was far less interesting than Lois and Clark). Here’s hoping The Flash allows Barry’s future one and only to be a partner in his adventures who knows what’s going on.

The Flash will make its debut this fall.

[Source: Screen Rant]