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THE LEGO MOVIE Producers Say a LEGO-ized SIMPSONS Episode Is In The Works

THE LEGO MOVIE Producers Say a LEGO-ized SIMPSONS Episode Is In The Works

Might we see a LEGO-ized episode of The Simpsons soon? According to The LEGO Movie executive producers Jill Wilfert and Matthew Ashton, the answer is yes.

While discussing the popularity of licensed LEGO sets featuring popular franchises like The Lord of the Rings, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Marvel and DC superheroes with Nerdist at the premiere of The LEGO Movie, Wilfert said that LEGO has “a whole range of Star Wars sets [coming] and we’re also doing some really fun stuff with a few other licenses as well too,” including The Simpsons. Ashton noted, “We’ve just launched Simpsons House, I think that one was two weeks ago, so that’s been really well received and then we’ve got the collectable range of mini-figure collectables we’re doing based on the Simpsons family and some other cool characters from the franchise.”

And that’s when Wilfert added, “[W]e actually are working with the folks at Fox and at Gracie [Films] to create a LEGO-ized episode of The Simpsons that will be on TV later this year.”


On top of the recently-announced Ghostbusters set in honor of the 30th anniversary of the first film, which Ashton said will be for ages “around 12 years old, so it is a fun and easy build,” this is huge news for LEGO fans. Everybody loves LEGOs, right?

The LEGO Movie opens this Friday.


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