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DVK: Daniel Van KirkDVK: Daniel Van Kirk

A Helpful DVK Tip on Handling a Friend’s Death Wish

After playing Mark Wahlberg all over America as well as city councilman Roger Thompson, who ran against a cupcake in an election, Dan Van Kirk is finally playing himself in his Nerdist web series DVK. Of course, there isn’t enough at stake for Van Kirk to simply just not play a character. That’s why this latest episode of DVK deals with what you do if your friend  (in this case, played by awesome comedian Jay Larson) wants to “kick the bucket,” so to speak, a situation where an impression of Mark Wahlberg, no matter how good it is, may not be the right call.

However, it may be the perfect time to offer some sage advice/something really damn funny to your friend to hopefully think twice about what “they’re really saying.”

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