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A Gameplay Trailer For “Grand Theft Auto V”

gtaVgameplay2013We now have a gameplay trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, and it shows what your three heroes, former bank robber Michael, “street hustler” Franklin, and Trevor, seen stomping something down a toilet, will be up to, which is to say, up to no good. That’s the point of the whole thing, right? There’s a demonstration of changing vantage points during play, switching between lead characters to see what they’re doing at any given moment, and freaks and shootouts and hunting and tattoos and tennis — tennis?!? — and heists and driving and shots at Southern California life, of course.

It comes out September 17th for Xbox 360 and PS4, and Rockstar promises in the trailer that they’ll be releasing more information about the online version of the game soon, so there’s that. If you’re a GTA loyalist, post your impressions in the comments below. If you aren’t a GTA fan, take a look at the trailer and see if it might entice you….