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A GAME OF THRONES Evening of Opera is Coming to NYC Alongside HANNIBAL and NEW GIRL

A GAME OF THRONES Evening of Opera is Coming to NYC Alongside HANNIBAL and NEW GIRL

If this modern age has a defining characteristic when it comes to its popular culture, the mash-up would for sure end up in the very least on a top five list. Revitalizing what is old with a little bit of new: like, say, an evening of operatic standards inspired by and curated to embody currently beloved television series Game of Thrones, Hannibal, and New Girl.

Well, dream no more because it’s an actual, real-life thing.

The Guardian tipped us off to the happening over at One World Symphony — sure to take top honors on most TV-lovers’ “Favorite Opera House” list. (Because that’s a list everyone has, right?) The New York City-based company, under the tutelage of its artistic director and composer/conductor Sung Jin Hong, have dreamed-up the Operasodes — a term Hong created to describe what goes on — mashing up classical and contemporary classical music with the themes of the series they so honor.

So it’s not really a surprise that a Game of Thrones-themed evening was high on Hong’s priority list. “The show has all the drama, intrigue, and passion that operas have been providing us for centuries: seduction, obsession, deception, political maneuvering, romance, heartbreak, incest – to name a few,” explained Hong.

But it’s not just Thrones that fits the bill: NBC’s Hannibal will also play muse to Hong’s musical machinations. Now if only we could get Bryan Fuller to direct an opera of his own (because seriously: the man is a morbid and dramatic sort of genius that would truly fit right at home on such a stage).

What other shows do you think Hong should tackle next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.