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A First Look at Danny Boyle’s “Trance”


An art thief who double-crosses the mob during the theft of a Goya painting gets hit in the head by the gang and loses his memory of where the pilfered art was stashed. Then, things get weird, as the mob boss hires a hypnotherapist to draw the information out of him and the sessions escalate into weirdness. That’s the setup for Danny Boyle’s upcoming Trance, which is coming out on March 27th in the U.K. but isn’t yet scheduled for a U.S. release. James McAvoy is the auctioneer/art thief with a convenient, or inconvenient, lack of recall, Vincent Cassel is the mob boss who wants him to spill, and Rosario Dawson is the hypnotherapist.

If it’s even a third as trippy as Trainspotting (you can’t expect too many movies to even approach that level of trippiness), it could be good. And if the setup seems familiar, you may have seen the 2001 British TV movie upon which this is based. Again, no U.S. distribution announced, but March 27th for the U.K.

HT: Charlene Jimenez