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A Filmmaker Brought an AT-AT Walker to Life & It Is Barking Cute!

A Filmmaker Brought an AT-AT Walker to Life & It Is Barking Cute!

If you didn’t grow up in the 80s, surrounded by Kenner’s Star Wars toys, you may not understand the epic reaction this adorable video of an AT-AT Walker transformed into a dog brings out in your friends.

The animated short was created four years ago by Canadian filmmaker Patrick Boivin. His work is very popular on YouTube with over 200 million views, and he’s recently been working with some very cool clients including Disney Pixar. If you need to spend some quality time with YouTube this holiday weekend, please go check out a few of our favorite Boivin originals. Dragon Baby, Iron Baby, and I Shot Your Ex-Girlfriend (language NSFW) are all great. If you really just need more AT-AT dog in your life, here’s the Making Of short for your eyeballs. Prepare your soul now – there are broken apart toys in this video.

Making of AT-AT day afternoon from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.

In this writer’s family, the Star Wars section of the Sears Wishbook was heavily dog-eared every Christmas season in hopes that our parents would cave and clean out the Kenner Toys warehouse for our holiday stash. Given the treasure trove of figurines still in plastic that turned up in the attic a decade ago, we probably got our wish. Kenner Toys created all of the toys for the original Star Wars trilogy from 1976 to 1985, and their contributions to garage sales and collectible shops were legendary. Not only were there action figures for aliens and humans alike, but a whole line of large scale technology from the movies were also released including the large scale Imperial Walkers like the one in this video and desktop sized Millennium Falcons with all the accessories you could possibly want. Kenner Toys was eventually purchased by Hasbro and closed in 2000. Kenner created iconic toys for Marvel, DC ComicsGhostbustersPredator, Care Bears, Robocop, Police Academy, and many, many more. They remain highly collectable.