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A Figure Based on ALTERED BEAST’s First Boss is Coming to Terrorize You

A Figure Based on ALTERED BEAST’s First Boss is Coming to Terrorize You

So here’s a thing to look at and think, “Video game boss design is weird.” You can thank SEGA for the design of the first level boss from the Genesis classic action-adventure game Altered Beast, and you can thank Japanese retailer Geek Life for a new figurine based on the boss.

1988’s Altered Beast was an arcade and console beat-em-up developed by SEGA, where a dead Roman centurion is resurrected from the dead by Zeus in order to save his daughter Athena. Along the way, our hero can change into a variety of “manimals” as he punches his way through five stages.

Aggar, the character getting the figure treatment, was the boss of the first level “the graveyard,” where our hero so famously rises from his grave. Throughout the boss fight, he would rip off one of the endless heads attached to his body and throw them at the hero.

The Altered Beast Stage 1 boss Aggar figure is the first in Geek Life’s SEGA Retrogame Sofubi Collection. Aggar stands a mighty 240mm (a little under 10 inches) and retails for ¥11,880 or a little under $120 USD.

Geek Life has worked with the publisher in the past to produce t-shirts based on Master System and Genesis games like Altered Beast, Space Harrier, and Galaxy Force II. But I’m thinking the really stylish fans out there will be picking up a sleeping mask because, well, Shinobi.

You can order this little bit of video gaming horror in August from Geek Life.

[Source: Geek Life via Tiny Cartridge]


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