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A Collection of Jokes Bob Dylan Has Told on Stage, Compiled By Fans

A Collection of Jokes Bob Dylan Has Told on Stage, Compiled By Fans

It’s oft said that all musicians secretly want to be comedians and all comedians secretly want to be musicians. For musicians, that claim is most evident during their banter between songs, introducing the band, and other stage chatter. Even the legendary Bob Dylan has indulged in telling several jokes during his performances throughout years.

There are so many of those jokes that Bob Dylan fansite Expecting Rain has a collection of jokes that Dylan has told on stage as compiled by fans. In reading a few of them, Dylan is all over the place, ranging from sharp, wry jokes to “dad humor.”


“I’ve always rememebered and quoted this line from a Dylan concert a long time ago — it was in Tucson, and might have been Rolling Thunder. He introduced the back-up singers as ‘My ex-wife, my next wife, my girlfriend, and my fiancee.’ I’m trying to remember if there were even four different women, or just three.” -Jeremy Heist

“I almost didn’t make it tonight… had a flat tire…. there was a fork in the road…” -CovWoman61, June 22, 1999, Hollywood, CA

I’ve personally never had the privilege of seeing Dylan live, but I can only imagined that most of these probably killed, especially if they followed such songs as “Masters of War” or “Gates of Eden.”