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A Chat with Chris Lowell on the VERONICA MARS SXSW Red Carpet

A Chat with Chris Lowell on the VERONICA MARS SXSW Red Carpet

A few weeks ago, Nerdist was able to catch some of the Veronica Mars cast at the South By Southwest red carpet premiere in Austin, TX. Now that we’ve all had a little time to process their accomplishments in the Kickstarter fan-funded film, let’s see what they had to say about coming back to Neptune.

In the years since Veronica Mars’ third and final season, Chris Lowell has had to endure a lot from the fans. As Stosh “Piz” Piznarski, the affable music geek with a huge crush on Veronica (Kristen Bell), Lowell was interrupting the show’s biggest ship – LoVe, AKA Logan (Jason Dohring) and Veronica. Marshmallows quickly split into several factions: Team Logan, Team Piz, and Team How About Veronica Is Just Fine On Her Own?! (I’ll let you guys deduce which camp I’m in.)

Chris Lowell

At the start of the movie, Veronica is dating Piz in New York. Does that mean Piz actually won the great debate? “I feel like there’s definitely going to be a ‘winning the battle versus winning the war’ argument that’s going to be made,” Lowell told us, smiling. “I mean, look: when things ended, I was with Veronica. When things began, I’m with Veronica. It feels pretty damn good!”

Though fans, non-fans, and critics have all had their say, love it or leave it, the Veronica Mars movie is a return to Season 1. Most of the Neptune High cast of characters is back in one way or another, from a seemingly settled down Weevil Navarro (Francis Capra) to Veronica’s best friends Wallace (Percy Daggs III) and Mac (Tina Majorino). Lowell was a major character in the show’s college season, but in the film, he finds himself drawn back into Veronica’s corrupt hometown. “I get sucked into the world, the Neptune universe. I find my way back.”

Fans also were treated to a few interactions between Lowell and the actor who plays his fictional nemesis, Jason Dohring. When asked how it was to be able to lob those signature Veronica Mars zingers back and forth with Logan, Lowell remarked, “Frankly, working with Jason’s such a treat because I don’t get to do it every often. All my scenes were with Kristen, so, to work with Jason, or even Ryan [Hansen] or any of those guys, it’s such a joy. I have so much fun doing it. It was just a blast.”

Chris Lowell

Lowell seems to have a firm grasp of the love triangle situation. For many fans, LoVe is the OTP, and no matter how sweet, thoughtful, or stable Piz is, he’s probably always going to have Logan to grapple with. Whether or not Veronica “ends up” with either of her two suitors, at least we get to see a grown up, much more confident Piz.

When asked what he had imagined for Piz, Lowell joked, “In my head, Piz took sort of a Walter White turn, and went down a WAY different path. In fact, I’ve still decided that’s what happened to Piz. And that’s going to be the prequel to the film that’s going to happen next in my head.”

Veronica Mars is currently playing in select theaters nationwide, and is available for digital download on iTunes.

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