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8-Bit GAME OF THRONES, Batman Branding Iron, and a Real-Life Iron Man!

TGIWTFriday yet again, fine feathered friends. Are you ready to get sent off into the weekend in style? Well, you came to the right place!

On today’s Nerdist News WTFridays, Jessica Chobot‘s bringing you all sorts of goodies. Get ready for an 8-bit redux of Game of Thrones, a Batman branding iron you can buy right now, and the latest insane invention by Colin Furze, the man behind those spring-loaded Wolverine claws. PLUS, you know we’ve got your Best Worst Comment of the Week! So step on in, the WTF’s fine!

Thanks for watching today’s show, don’t forget to stop back in on Tuesday for a fresh, news-packed episode, and let us know in the comments below which superpower you could see making the transition to real-world tech!


  1. Aaron says:

    creepy ass metal suit ! thanks for the giggle Jess, LOVE IT !!! Have a great weekend